Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comparison Photos of Linda and Curtis Menard Sr. and Track Palin UPDATE: Sarah and Todd Palin Elopement Photo UPDATE 2: Lineup UPDATE 3: grandparents

Linda Menard, mother of Curtis Menard Jr.

Track Palin

Curtis Menard Sr., father of Curtis Menard Jr.

Elopement photograph of Sarah Heath and Todd Palin - Sarah is already pregnant with Track

After reading the post Abortiongate at the site Palingates, I did a search for pictures of Curtis Menard and found this picture of his father. The Linda Menard photo was found later and Barb Dwyer found and posted this picture that Sarah and Todd sent out to announce their elopement. I leave it to you to see who Track resembles. (More comparison photos here and here.)

If you are interested in Sarah Palin, read my August post on the Gusty photos and the posts in January.


While researching a reader's comment in The Mysterious Case of the Bolster Bosum I came across this picture that made me sit back for a moment. Here is John McCain and the Palin family, when Levi Johnston was considered family, lined up on stage after Palin's speech at the RNC. Look at the difference between Track and Todd's bodies. Track is huge in both height and breadth compared to Todd. [I stand corrected: Track is the same height as Todd, his chest is still broader and the two of their bodies do not look alike. Thank you readers.] Remember Track is only nineteen here and most boys' chests do not broaden out to their full extent until they are some years into their twenties. (I am around a lot of teenage and early twenties boys and witness the chronology of their blooming.) Track may not be his full mature size here.

Does anyone know how big the Menard men are? (Height and breadth only please. We do not need the other details, Sarah.) Sarah's father, Chuck Heath, is not a very tall man and I do not know about Chuck Jr. If I remember correctly, the picture I saw of Todd's father didn't have him towering over his third wife Faye. (Like Curtis Sr. is doing here beside Linda and I will bet money that she is wearing heels with that string of pearls.)

There may be some tall genes somewhere in those two families, because Bristol is also looking fairly tall here compared to her mother, sister Willow, and even her father. So far I have been assuming that Bristol is Todd's biological child, she appears to resemble him more then any of the other children, but I must remember that we are talking about Sarah Palin. A woman who God, in either his wisdom or as part of an infinite jest, has chosen to bestow miraculous pregnancies upon. Whether it is being blessed with tight abs and divine intervention to get her back to Alaska from Texas to give birth, twenty hours and counting after she started to leak amniotic fluids, or the conceptions of her first two pregnancies, the second one terminated early in a clerical error, which occurred while Todd was working as a deck hand on a fishing boat at sea.

Oh, Sarah, what a tangled web you weave,
when first you practise to conceive!


People have asked for photographs of the other grandparents.

The Palins and Todd's biological parents. Todd strongly resembles his father.

Chuck and Sally Heath with their son Chuck Heath Jr. in between. Chuck Heath Jr. is not standing on a platform, his father is a very short man judging from all the pictures. As he has grown older, Chuck Jr. resembles his mother more. When he was a child, he and his older sister, Heather, looked very much like their father.

At the request of a commenter below, I am including a picture of Chuck Heath Jr. which she feels, after looking at many photographs, bares a strong resemblance to Track. There should be since Chuck Jr. is the biological brother of Sarah Palin and no one is disputing that she gave birth to Track.

In the course of fairness, and also wondering what the Dorian Gray portrait looks like which Sarah Palin is desperately trying to hide in her attic by having numerous cosmetic surgery procedures, I have also looked through photographs of the Heaths including some earlier ones. I was struck by two things. One, the portrait in Sarah's attic, I believe, most resembles her mother, Sally. Two, as our fellow blogger, Oz Mudflats, sang in one of her earlier posts when looking at another set of pictures, "One of these things doesn't go with the others." (Hint: it isn't the bear.)


  1. WOW! All I can say is WOW! I'm not good at seeing resemblances but even I can see older/younger twins..... Great comparison. Thanks!

  2. I second that WOW! Those pictures really speak volumes.

  3. If you look at Track's and Curtis Sr.'s ears they are the same shape. Not only is there a strong resemblance to Curtis Sr. but also to his wife...the eyes. After looking at these photos I'd venture to guess that Track is not Todd's son.

  4. Same Spock ears, same flat horizontal line at bridge of nose and the same teeth and great smile. There can be no denying Track is a Menard. Now what about the photo comparisons of Piper and Brad Hanson?

  5. Gee the elopment picture must be before Sarah developed tight abs in her middle age. Her belly is already showing.

  6. My heart goes out to those children... what a screwed-up dysfunctional family the Palins appear to be.

  7. Track couldn't look any more like his grandmother in those photos--the dimples, the eyes--shape of the face.

    No wonder he doesn't appear to be part of the nuclear family up there--no family photos, etc., since his return from Iraq. Wonder where the heck he's living? Is he in the compound up there? or has he struck out on his own?

  8. So even back then she has the wide eyed, dear in the headlamps look to her. Not normal

  9. Wow - speculation has of course, been out there and photos are not always an accurate reflection of paternity. But I'm sold. Then again, if Track was truly "moms son", he wouldn't avoid the entire family like the plague.

    Track has deliberately taken himself out of the mix. I believe he knows or suspects he is not ex-First Dud's son.

    Does anyone have information regarding Track and Dud's relationship? We never hear anything.

  10. When I initially saw the pics of Track and Curtis Menard, Jr. I didn't really see that much of a resemblance, but I also didn't see one with Todd. However, the picture of him above and the one of Linda Menard show so many similarities. The same smile and dimples, shape of the eyes and teeth, they are very, very much alike.

    Where are the Christmas pics of the happy family? You'd think she'd be wanting to share them with her fans. Has anyone seen any sign of Track around?

    In all honesty, I feel very sad for those children. They are growing up with a nightmare of a Mother. What loving Mother would subject her daughter to the spotlight of the national press when she is unmarried and five months pregnant? I never understood the whole "they are going to get married in a big wedding next summer" nonsense regarding Bristol and Levi. Wouldn't the family values party want her married prior to the birth of the baby? Or was Sarah thinking of all those wedding shows she watched and planning a wedding for her daughter, although really seeing herself as the center of attention?

  11. I agree that Track's body shape id different from Toad's and that he is taller than Toad, but It may be that Track and Bristol look so much taller than Toad is due to the angle of that shot. It is taken from somewhere left of Track as opposed to from the center of where the whole group is standing.

    That aside, I do not rule out the questionable paternity of any of Sarah's children. Among other similarities, the lines around Track's eyes strongly resemble those around Linda Menard's eyes.

  12. Anonymous at 5:00,

    I thought about the perspective causing the effect. But I looked at how Todd height compared to Sarah, 5"'2" and in medium heels, who he is standing near and Willow. I also noticed Track's build in other photos during that weekend. He is a big boy.

  13. I think it's the angle of the shot. If you look at this photo of Track he doesn't appear to be that tall. Either that or the kid next to him who is a year younger is really, really tall.

  14. Here's another one with everyone together, he's no taller than Levi is.

  15. One last one. Here's a pic taken at just about the same time, same event from the other side of the stage, that shows the height in the photo above is due to the angle. He definitely looks like a Menard though, no matter what his height is!!!.jpg

  16. Piper looks like a little Sarah to me. I sure hope she doesn't end up being like her mom.

  17. I think Chuck, Jr. Is tall. There's a picture of him at one of Sarah's signings, standing behind her chair next to Chuckie, Sr. Of course, given the Heath women's record, who's to say that Chuck Jr is Sr's son?

    Funny, the one I first thought looked out of place was WIllow. She looks a lot like Brad, IMO (and the timing is right, isn't it). But I agree that Track is a ringer for the Menards. Any idea whose family he went to stay with in the lower 48 that year? Bristol looks like Chuckie, poor girl. Willow is a stunner. Piper I always thought was rather blah looking (I know; everyone always thinks she's soooo cute, but sorry, I don't); at this age she looks a lot like Sarah. That may change.

    This woman has so many skeletons in her closet, she really should have blinked.

  18. MC:

    Track went to stay with Dave and Janine Holmes in Portage Michigan.

  19. Barb, the second pic you posted at 5:40 pm could also be added to the gallery under Vera's bolster article. The angle and lighting of this photo further demonstrates Bristol's unusual shape.

    This is just all very sad, for so many. If Sarah wants to protect her family she knows what she needs to do.

  20. Thanks Barb and terminalhypocrisy,

    I put a correction in the text.

  21. Please take time to compare a cropped version of the 2008 shot of Chuck Heath Jr. at this link:
    with the other older photo of Track (about 18-19) looking the same direction that is often shown. Facial shape is very similar and ears are identical.

    I think that Track's face is much more similar to his mother's when she was younger than it is to Menard's. I put together a set of photo matches because the full spectrum of comparisons should be tested, not just the y chromosomes. Chuck Sr is not at all alike, but Sarah and Chuck Jr. certainly are. I set the photos to Palingates but heard only crickets. I would be glad to send them to you.

  22. Kate,

    I did look at it and have included it into the post. I was interested that you noticed the same thing about Chuck Sr. not resembling Track as I did and have also put that in.

  23. I was glad to see the comment about the one dark-headed child in the last picture. This is the first photo I have seen of all four children, but even seeing the one with only three, I was struck by the contrast in hair coloring!!

    I have four children and although there is a strong family resemblance, there is very little variation in their hair color!

    What is the difference in ages of the youngest two?