Friday, November 20, 2009

Being Distracted By Living

That was a break. There I was working on an entry about evil and all hell let loose. The return of the parodical son; floods; the multiple digging of moats; crews descending down to sort through my past and box the salvageable; an early morning trip to emergency where I had days to compare and contrast first hand the medical systems of two countries....

And the release and the beginning of Sarah Palin's book tour - which begs to be discussed within the context of how she sits on the psychopathy checklist.

Although her actions may seem illogical to others, they make complete sense if you have an understanding of how people on the checklist act. In that context, nothing that Sarah Palin does is surprising.

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  1. It sounds from your first paragraph like you had a major personal disaster. Hope you are doing okay with it. I am sending a good wish your way.

    I wonder if you have an opinion on several questions I can neither answer nor forget about.

    1. Do you have thoughts about what might have been the precipitating event for the SP pregnancy hoax? I have thought it must be an inappropriate paternity issue, like incest. Gryphen at IM says no. I suppose just a regular unwed pregnancy could have been enough, even though SP coped with that in a seemingly easy way re Tripp.

    2. Do you think the Dar Miller arson death is related to the Palin hoax? Ditto the church fire?

    I have a raft of other qu, I guess we all do. But I'll stop there for now.