Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Palin Propensity for Padding

This is the third in my unintended series on Sarah Palin's clumsy attempts to pad bodies and the truth. (The first two on the 'pregnant' Sarah and the over endowed Bristol are here.) Although this is a small insignificant point in the overall scheme of Palin's arrogance and deceit, it is the small points that can sometimes tell us so much about the character of who we are dealing with. I felt, when I looked at the picture of Sarah Palin 'running' in Hawaii, that there was a whiff of "I dare you" directed towards anyone who would mention that the empress is wearing no clothes or, in this case, padding her rather non existing assets.

There are many things that Sarah Palin pads (her hair, achievements, and book, as examples) but this is perhaps the most taboo subject to bring up.

On the beach, with a curve no where in sight. Notice that the word ARMY printed across her chest is easy to read and not distorted by her breasts. Here she looks as endowed as Todd.
Standing up with a body that almost mirrors Piper's, including the swell of belly over the shorts. The abs of steel are a thing of the past here.
One or two days later, still in Hawaii and in response to Gryphen's post about her not having runner's legs, Sarah appears on the track. Failed liposuction notwithstanding, notice the sudden fullness of her "breasts." Within a day Sarah Palin has gone from an A cup to a C through the help of a rather good and, I believe, quite expensive bra.

As enjoyable as it is to get a few comments in on Sarah Palin's looks, that is not what struck me about the events surrounding these pictures. On all three days that Palin was in Hawaii last month, she knew she was being photographed and was responding to the press and bloggers commentary as it was happening. By the time that she donned her running shoes and a bra so padded that it could probably stop bullets, appearing for an obviously staged photo opportunity, she knew that there were comparison pictures from the day before.

So why would she risk drawing attention to the fact that she regularly pads her body to have people believe that it is something that it is not? My first question is why are her breasts so obviously different from one moment to the next. After doing a review of pictures of Palin, it became apparent that her breast size shifts depending on what she is wearing, but not when your expecting it to. The period when she was supposedly pregnant with Trig, when most women breasts noticeable swell one or two cup sizes, her breasts did not register as being any larger then before or afterwards. (Actually they are smaller, it must be her amazingly tight pec muscles.) Perhaps she felt she could only pad one part of her body at a time. By going back further to pictures of the younger, heavier Sarah, before she started excessive dieting, she did tip the scale into a B cup. (We should assume that any photos where her breasts appear any larger are because of padding.) It appears that Palin is seesawing between two body ideals - neither of which are her natural body type.

Here Palin has achieved the model svelte look, only after years of struggle, plastic surgery, and a restricted intake of diet Dr. Pepper, Red Bulls and lattes to get there. Although you can see that her face is fighting cheek and jowl (and double chin) to revert to it's natural shape. This is the tiny starlet body that she went on about when she attacked Ashley Judd and the anti wolf hunting ad, but obviously the body she wanted for herself. This is a body that looks good in clothes, if you knew how to dress yourself. (And, now that we have seen the Hawaii pictures, keeping her body covered is a necessity to maintain any illusion of attractiveness.) Since we know the real answer to Katie Couric's question of what does Sarah Palin read is fashion and gossip magazines, this is the body that is the media conscious woman's ideal. What it took to get Palin's naturally heavy legs this thin makes me shudder.

Nevertheless, we should give credit where it is due: this is the only incident that I can see that Palin has shown discipline to achieve a goal. If Going Rogue was a more truthful book, the thinning of Sarah would have been given an entire chapter or two. This physical transformation (or, more accurate, eating disorder) should not be underestimated as a significant reason why the women in her base admire her.

A flat chested Sarah, however, doesn't cut it with the people behind her real raise to power : conservative men who want starbursts. So the same folks that think that Ann Coulter is sexy, have elevated Palin into a fantasy figure. This works because Palin herself is so deep into fantasy that she won't correct them as long as she deems it to be flattering to her ego. Thus when she was being punked by the Canadian comics, pretending to be Nicolas Sarkozy the President of France, who were telling her they liked her in the Hustler produced porn movie Nailin Paylin all she did was giggle and, I believe, accept the compliment. (Interestingly, the movie includes a segment with "a younger Palin getting seduced by her college creationist professor who 'will explain a "big bang" theory even she can’t deny!' " Having not seen the movie, I wonder if that 'younger Palin' is a daughter or Sarah trying to make a grade during one of her many attempts of going through college. Either way, unlike Palin creating media attention with her accusations that people wanted to rape her daughters, she was hypercritically silent about this film and other porn references to herself.)

When I googled a search for images of Sarah Palin, it suggested, without prompting, 'Sarah Palin breasts.' Almost all these images were photoshopped with her head on a much more buxom body - like the one shown above, with the pink top and the ruler naughtly held in her hands. The other example, directly above, was screen captured by Bree Palin from Sarah Palin's facebook account, posted by a smitten fan for their Christmas eve enjoyment.

This is part of the stunning delusion that Sarah Palin is exceptionally attractive and sexy beyond belief. Another google suggested search was 'Sarah Palin breast size.' Here various sites speculate, or put forth as fact, that she at least a 34C cup ranging up to a 34DD while pregnant (really show me the pictures) and even a non-pregnant 32 DDD. Look again at the first, second, and fourth pictures in this post and see if you can reconcile what you see with what these people believe. Delusional thinking about charismatic cult leaders is a fascinating topic which we can pursue later, but, for now, I will leave you with the observation that during the Third Reich, people thought that Hitler was one of the sexiest men alive.

We come back to my original question about the jogging picture above - how did Palin think that she could get away with such an obvious change in her cup size from one day to another while being under scrutiny by the media and bloggers? Why would she do this when there were so many questions already being asked about her padding other parts of her and her daughter's bodies? Frankly, I don't think that she gave it a moment's thought. By this point, Palin has got away with so much lying and distorting of the truth that she doesn't even think about it any more. She tells people what her unfiltered reality is and expects to be followed and not questioned. On the days that she increases her bra size by several cups, she expects us to overlook the inconsistency and accept that that is her body and she is one sexy MILF.

The defiance, confidence, and outright arrogance she shows here comes from a lack of social emotions to moderate her behaviour, which has been linked to the amygadala damage in people on the psychopath checklist. Glibness is one of the defining traits on the checklist. If they are caught in a lie, instead of feeling shame, guilt or remorse, they will almost effortlessly slide into another lie to explain it away or they feign victimhood, while at the same time attacking the person who pointed it out. Palin is confident that no one will mention her once-again shifting body, and, if any one tries, she and her followers' pattern has been to deflect it in two ways. The first is to call the person(mostly men) sexist for saying it. The second (usually directed towards women) is to say that the person is jealous of Palin. This is usually combined with personal attacks on the person's weight, looks, sexual attractiveness, social status, inclination to wear pyjamas, etc. This is a sleight of hand technique which never truly answers the issues that are raised, but instead deflects into a diversion or an attack. You will notice that when Sarah Palin does this there is no hint of embarrassment, another social emotion.

She also displays no shame when accusing people of doing the very things that she does herself. This is a common feature of people on the checklist. By projecting their behaviour onto others, they manage to stop the discussion of what they are in fact doing themselves. For example, when a less busty Palin posed for Runner's World she was obviously pandering to her male fantasy followers. (What else does this pose suggest?) However, when Newsweek sourced the same photo for its cover, which subtly drew attention to what Palin was doing, they were called sexist by Palin and her followers. I am not sure if they changed the charge to sexual jealousy when it was revealed that the photo was chosen by two women. (By the way, Sarah, isn't it sexist to suggest that women who question you are jealous, sexual or otherwise? And are you not showing jealous behaviour, quite sexual in fact, when your reaction to a man, who is not enthralled to your winking, flirtatious behaviour, is to berate him?)

Manipulatively using sex or the allure of sex to get what they want is another trait of women on the psychopathy checklist. As is glibly claiming innocence when they are called on doing it.

So, Sarah, am I sexist or sexually jealous of you? I am waiting for your response.


  1. Another great post Vera City. I'm starting to think that the next few days may truly unravel this story of Palin and her mental illness. I always look forward to your comments.

  2. Great psychoanalysis of the wacko. I enjoy reading your blog. I believe Sarah has a personality disorder that can't be treated.
    The only way to get her to sit down and shut up is public humiliation.

  3. Vera City,

    Testing your comments and am glad to do so. Your insight into the mind of a psychopath narcissist has really been fascinating.

    Thanks for your efforts. Hope that you will see much increased traffic and generate thoughtful discussion. For me, it has been particulary difficult to understand motivation and the relentless disregard for her family. It is the lack of shame, remorse, humiliation that is just hard to grasp.

    Getting your insight into how her mind may work helps with the frustration.

  4. mxm and NJfan,

    Thank you for helping me figure that out. Tomorrow we will tackle another part of the puzzle.

  5. Vera City......EXCELLENT post and it is so great to see in words what we all have been thinking. People wonder how she sleeps at night, knowing all the people's lives she has trashed.....frankly, I personally think she sleeps just fine, as she thinks she has done nothing wrong. I don't think the things that would bother a normal person , bother her one bit. She is totally oblivious to anything further than 3 feet from her face.

    Also....welcome to the blogroll at Palingates! Regina, Patrick and Kathleen are an incredible team and have continued the forward investigation into all of the inaccuracies to Palin's "stories." We have a growing team in Alaska and beyond with people from all walks of life. Bon ded together with a common make sure $arah Palin never steps one foot in the White House. We are just hearing today that people in power did not think she was qualified and let the campaign continue anyway. Disgusting! Recklessly endangering this country...I will never forgive McCain and gang for that. I immediately went down and changed my voter registration from Republican to Independent. I continue to get calls from the Republican Party asking for donations and I tell them they "lost me at Palin." They always have to ask what I mean. Sheesh.....

    We appreciate your writing skills! Welcome to a wonderful bunch of intelligent and respectful people! ;0) S.H.

  6. Think I know why the difference. For health reasons I haven't worn a bra for a long, long time. I look flat, when I hoist them up where they belong I'm voluptuous. In the beach photos she doesn't have one on and jogging she needed the support.
    OMG I can't believe I'm supporting anything this bitch does or doesn't do.

  7. Thank you for a wonderful piece on Palin and her padding. Wonderfully done. ;-)

  8. A thoughtful analysis of the perplexing Palin phenomenon. Great post, Vera!

  9. Vera...I'm thinking maybe she had a sports bra on with the Army shirt. That could explain why she is so flat. I just found this bunch of photos might want to look through them.

    After you have looked through the first 65, there are more if you click on the "more photos" link up in the left hand corner of the photo frame. The photos of her visiting the military (Kuwait) stood out for me.


  10. I'm posting as anonymous but I'm NJfan over at Palingates. You're right, she depends on Bristol to care for the younger ones and from
    what Gryphen has written there are huge fights between mother and daughter. I'm sure Bristol will end up resenting her. I believe Sarah is a narcissist and with Piper tagging along at all these different functions don't you think that odd? I'm afraid Piper might grow up to be like her mother. She's not in school and doesn't seem to have other kids to hang around with and do kid stuff. I almost feel like Piper is her favorite one and she is grooming her in her own image. Does it sound crazy for me to think that?

  11. Frankly, I think it's just a matter of wearing no bra or a flimsy one; after all, if you don't keep those muscles strong, breasts droop easily--even my beloved 22 yr old granddaughter's breasts droop as much as mine (she showed me, after 1 child), and I'm 68, multi-para, and not only exercised my chest muscles, but wear bras all the time, even to bed--not to show them off, but to help support the muscles and prevent sagging (which can be painful if breasts are very heavy). Unfortunately, running without the proper support causes breast muscles to stretch, also. And weight loss can also cause drooping (losing fatty tissue can cause flabbiness). Bottom line: you must have strong pectoral muscles to prevent drooping and stay at your proper weight.

    Wonder bras, well, do wonders, as will a properly fitted foundation (they don't call them that in the trade for nothing) Pushing that fatty tissue up gives an illusion, not reality.

    And none of us are really perfect in the breast dept--age and childbirth do their damage, unless, of course, you constantly resort to plastic surgery. It keeps the surgeons in L.A. rich, don't you know.

  12. Excellent article! I found it because I have a google alert for terms about narcissisism, given that I have a website/forum for daughters of narcissistic mothers.

    I've had Sarah Palin on my radar for a while about narcissism.

    The question about Piper being her favourite and being brought everywhere could be answered by the propensity of narcissistic mothers to pick one of their children as their Golden Child whom they raise as a Mini-Me. (Another child or children might be a scapegoat - Bristol maybe??).

    I've no opinion or knowledge about her bosoms!

  13. Vera, You write with the voice and analytic skills of "Audrey".

  14. I landed up at Audrey's blog soon after I became aware of the rumors about the deception, and was flabbergasted to see that not only someone living in a constant media glare had contemplated such a ballsy deception, but incredibly, had also carried it out! I have followed palindeception, palingates, breepalin, gryphen religiously and have read EVERY post of theirs. I was mad with silent rage when Audrey was 'outed' and armtwisted into silence.

    But I grieve no more. After going through ALL of your posts on this log, I think you are a worthy successor to Audrey.

    Keep up the good work, to the day when truth will stand vindicated. It will, eventually, in spite of Gryphen's apparent bravado but underlining dithering on all the insider stuff that he has boasted about till date. KEEP FAITH, ROCK ON!

  15. Vera, terrific. Your post adds another few boulders (as it were) to the foundation of thought that $P's development in all areas halted around middle school. Here I am remembering rueful articles, most specifically by Nora Ephron, about how nothing, but nothing, would spell womanhood to her like breasts, and how she had several padded bras. Her parents did not comment, but Nora later wondered why her mother "did not counsel consistency."

    Adolescent girls aren't known for consistent thinking, but most of us grow out of it.

    Another idea I'd like you to take on is $P's fetishization of fertility, both her own putative fertility and that of her daughters. Many others have written that $P's insistence that Trig is her biological son implies that she is still the "young mother" so admired by advertisers when I was a girl, as well as a mother rather than a granny, still fertile, and in the eyes of her sweatiest admirers, still hot hot hot.

    In the circles in which I travel, since so many of us either have faced infertility personally or know someone who has, the idea of taking out bragging rights on one's own fertility in our thirties and forties is considered just plain vulgar. It's too "in your face." It pushes too many hurtful buttons in others. But $P has made her alleged pregnancy with Trig a key element in her created persona. Once that fake pregnancy is debunked--prominently, very publicly, and permanently--$P will never recover the constant attention in the public eye that she's been occupying since the summer of 2008.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Vera,

    I have been wondering about social emotions, just having learned about this from your writing. What does it take to humiliate and silence Sarah? Since she has no social emotions, will she ever suffer humiliation and such public shame that she quietly withdraws to live out her life in the solitude of her home and family?

    From what I have observed and learned, it is going to take jail. Your thoughts on this would be interesting.

  17. I'm just a little younger than Palin and only have three kids, and I have to agree with some of the previous posters--I think the difference is simply bra vs. no bra. She's probably wearing a swimsuit top or tank under that ARMY shirt without a bra, then when she runs, she puts on something that will give support and voila, instaboobs.

    Depending on the cut of a bra, I can significantly smaller than my true 36C or way more voluptuous.

  18. I'd like to know how you perceive Sarah's reaction to the 60 Minutes interview with Schmdit will be and the affects on her family.

  19. Vera, your analysis on Palin is so interesting to read. The insight into the world of SP is also frightening, I still shudder to think of her anywhere near the White House.

    Why is it that she gets away with these complaints of sexist photos when she is the one that posed for them? If you don't want to see yourself in a magazine in that way, don't allow yourself to be photographed that way! Why can't her admirers see this when it appears to any intelligent person to be plain as day?

  20. I don't think she is flat-chested. Her 'college', beauty pageant, and pregnant-with-Track photos belie your hypothesis; there is also a video of her beauty pageant. While her whole body was much more rounded and 'softig' in those days, and she appears to have lost weight since that time, I know from my own experience that t-shirts can distort the breasts and make them look flatter than they actually are.

  21. Another oddly flat Palin is during the American Chopper interview.
    Watch her as she gets up see them off towards the end...if she had boobs she must of taped them down.
    Her chest looks sunken in or deflated
    Some skinny women that were once jumbo will retain the amount of "skin" but all the fat disappears
    (could be the angle but at 1:52 super flat)